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Frequently Asked Questions


Relational Alchemist offers custom tailored solutions for your organization's needs as well as on-site or off-site trainings & retreats for Leadership Performance, Team Dynamics and Ecosystem Efficiency -- we are happy to answer your organization's inquiries and invite you to review the following insights:

 01  Do you use scientific & evidence-based methods?


Employing the latest in scientific, wellness, transpersonal & conflict resolution methodologies, Relational Alchemist brings clarity to communication, harmony to team dynamics & energize leaders so your overall ecosystem can sustainably thrive & grow.

The Relational Alchemist approach prevents burnout & develops strong performance in your organization, thru an Integrative process and curriculum that addresses & accounts for relational, energetic, psychological, communication, emotional, systemic & operational causes of organizational inefficiency, dysfunction and distress.




 02  What is Relational Alchemy?

Relational Alchemy is a Transformative Process that empowers your organization to the next level of potential & performance!


Like a cell has different parts, every organization is comprised of individuals connected together as teams that collectively form an ecosystem, all built on relational bonds. By looking at the relational bonds, dynamics and energies connecting the individuals, teams & the ecosystem, we can remove blockages, old energy and miscommunications. Then your organization can optimize its' leadership creativity, team synergy, and ecosystem efficiency.





 03  How will your Service Offerings impact my organization?

Inspired Leaders: your leadership will feel inspired, empowered & tap into creative breakthru's


Unified Teams:your teams will have harmonious communication, cooperative synergy & a unified vision


Efficient Ecosystems:your ecosystem will operate smoothly, developing a happy culture and optimized performance output




 04  What's the story behind Relational Alchemist?

After mastering his own Leadership capabilities, Hass Sadeghi founded Relational Alchemist to share with other powerful leaders how to optimize their performance. Similarly, Hass began to see the warning signs of our current global burnout & low engagement business environments, and he noticed that the methodologies used with Relational Alchemist clientele optimized their performance and brought balance & happiness to their workforce.

Hass is a conflict-tamer, creativity-locator, barrier-transcender, transformation-inciter, and leadership visionary. If you need help in sparking your leadership enthusiasm or galvanizing your drive to see the big picture, call on the expansive skills of this jaunty puzzle-solver!




 05  What resources will my organization have to commit?


For optimal value, we ask that every member of your team be enrolled & your leadership dedicated to following the Process until conclusion. Relational Alchemist offers short-term (Retreats & Trainings) and long-term service offerings, along with "Trial Periods" to ensure mutual fulfillment. Experience shows that true breakthroughs & performance up-levels require digging deep, full engagement during the process & disciplined commitment to applying the learnings.

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