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EcoSystem Efficiency

(1) We need to develop Consensus & Engagement in our Organization:

Consensus Building Retreat - leaders often issue complex strategic initiatives that fall flat in the ecosystem because lack of input, engagement & follow-up accountability. Conducting individual interviews followed by a Facilitated full-day Retreat with everyone handling implementation of your initiative, to foster consensus, clarify results, optimize efficiency & successfully achieve your vision ($11,000)

(2) We are experiencing high-stress, lack of energy or have burn-out symptoms in our Organization:

Energy Efficiency Training - an unfulfilled workforce, high levels of stress, and drained energy in your ecosystem translates to low output and high costs for your Organization. This half-day Training will bring your workforce balanced and efficient use of their energy as well as optimize performance & wellness ($6,200)

The World Health Organization has made note of "burnout" in the workforce, stating people are burned-out and they don't even know it

How do you think your team's performance is with such dire energetic depletion & imbalances?


Is your Team ready to replenish your energy & optimize your performance for the next level?


​​​​​​**Scholarships possible for Non-Profit / For-Purpose Organizations**

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