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Team Performance

Optimizing your team's performance all depends on your relational patterns & dynamics, as we have engineered offerings for your team to develop cooperative synergy, communication harmony & a unified vision

Our Team is:

(1) Stuck: Is your team in a rut or stuck in need of momentum & inspiration? Then you will get your Team moving forward with our on-site Team Dynamics Training ($8,000)

(2) Confused/Inefficient: Are you experiencing communication issues or re-occurring inefficient mistakes? Then we can bring harmony to your communications & guide you in actualizing complex initiatives with our custom-tailored Team Synergy Retreat, including private 1on1's beforehand ($11,000 for up to 4 Team members, with $2,000 per additional)

(3) Lost: Is your team lacking a clear & unified vision, or do you lack understanding of your team's "Why?" Then unite & engage your Team as you uncover your organization's Vision thru our full-day Leadership Vision & Clarity Retreat ($11,000)

(4) Distressed/Conflicted: Are you facing Team disputes & tensions? We provide confidential Relational Alchemy Solutions to prevent serious leadership team issues with vital conversations early on in a private manner -- take advantage of confidentiality and mediation-oriented options to deal with team conflicts that have been festering or are escalating out of control (custom pricing) by cultivating a safe space for growth

**Scholarships possible for Non-Profit / For-Purpose Teams**

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