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Employing the latest in scientific, wellness, transpersonal, communication & conflict resolution methodologies, the Relational Alchemist approach brings clarity to communication, harmony to team dynamics, strengthens performance, prevents burnout, optimizes efficiency & energizes leaders, so your organization can continue to thrive & grow susainably!


Leadership Mastery


"The general rule seems to be that the level of consciousness of an organization cannot exceed the level of consciousness of its leader" - Frederic Laloux, Author of Reinventing Organizations

The world is changing at a rapid pace & with it, our business environments require adaptability, resilience & creativity

This fast-paced changing climate makes us susceptible to crippling burn-out & wellness imbalances that hamper our leadership capacity

As leaders & teams, we must be able to transcend old patterns & limiting beliefs and transform poor communication & toxic emotions, so we can optimize our ecosystem wellness, leadership inspiration & team performance

Are you ready for a recharge & to access true Power, Insight & Creativity?

Team Performance


“Behind every communication problem is a sweaty ten-minute conversation that you don’t want to have" - Gay Hendricks


Eventually, all teams stagnate, develop tensions or lose their unified vision

The missing key for every team is Relational Alchemy to navigate thru changes & powerful transformations

Pinpoint key causes of your team's dysfunction that are preventing or undermining your growth, creating transformation through connection



Its not your fault, you cannot see your leadership team "blindspots" & dynamics by yourself -- bring in an outside Expert with the unique ability to detect relational imbalances & dynamics that are causing team & systemic dysfunctions


Ready to access your Team's Alchemy & full performance potential now?

Ecosystem Efficiency


"A company is stronger if it is bound by love rather than by fear" – Herb Kelleher, Co-Founder of Southwest Airlines

Lack of clarity about your Vision, Roles and Expectations causes low accountability, weak culture, demotivated employees, exhausted management & unfocused initiatives within your ecosystem


Facilitate group dialogues to develop consensus & unify everyone around a common Vision, Strategy, and Roles & Expectations

Add tools & resources to enhance wellness, mindfulness & prevent burnout and strengthen performance

Create full accountability & foster a happy culture, while optimizing efficiency throughout your ecosystem

Want to achieve your organization's optimal efficiency & happy culture?

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Alchemy of Alignment Training for Leaders
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