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When Misery Takes Over Your Company

Miserable leaders infect their ecosystem, spreading misery throughout the organization's culture

As a leader, I found that no matter how many trainings & self-awareness skills I experienced, I found myself slipping back into old habits 

No matter how much progress, I would revert back and face uncomfortable feelings: shame, guilt, doubt & fear

I was not addressing my underlying feelings & old beliefs -- by trying to change & improve myself, I was still perpetuating these old energies in my leadership

That which we resist, persists

When that's all I knew, I wasn't even aware what I'd become used to was permeating misery or pain

I was in this "hole of misery" so long that it felt like home

Only through a guided process, did I learn that self love, forgiveness & acceptance are the keys to full integration & transformation -- by accepting all of my Self, I stepped fully into my Leadership Mastery

This is seminal for our business & civic leaders because their impact on shaping unhealthy, toxic & conflicted cultures through their impressions on the Ecosystem in which they lead

You have seen the stats, studies and warning signs: employee engagement is plummeting, health & wellness expenses are skyrocketing, workforces are stressed, and many are under-performing 

Unaware of their role or misery, Miserable Leaders are to blame

If you are a Leader feeling unhappy, stressed & unfulfilled no matter what efforts you are applying, then I invite you to ask your self these fundamental questions:

Do I love all of myself?

Am I ashamed of myself somehow?

Am I trying to change that part of who I am?

How can I show more love & compassion towards that part I am trying to change?

These questions can guide in seeing what underlying aspects of your Self you may be rejecting, feeling shame around or judging -- this may well be a wrench clogging-up the Core of your "leadership machinery"

Full Leadership & True Transformation stem from embracing all our traits & emotions to build a foundation of self love, acceptance & happiness from which to grow & lead upon 

Any wellness, leadership development or team dynamics training will fall flat without a solid foundation of these traits within each Leader or if there exist any uncomfortable feelings in the Team space due to Miserable Leadership

Sustainable organizational growth is built on a foundation of a leadership self-awareness, love & acceptance within each leader at the helm

In other words, be mindful not to build your organization like a skyscraper on a miserable foundation that is like quicksand, where, expansion and growth efforts eventually come crashing down or implode 

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