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The Power of Clarification

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Clarification isn't a new topic; looking at it from a holistic perspective may be -- when we clarify, we make our awareness field & consciousness clear.

Allow me to clarify…

The Mind operates on syntax and words. We all have heard the axiom that our minds create our reality, so that would imply that our syntax & words create our reality. To be clear, our words literally create our reality.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is one methodology that highlites the importance of conscious word usage, since words are energy expressed. Moreover, a NLP principle notes that our brain only registers affirmatively and any negative statements are negatively affirmed by Mind. In other words, anytime we say, “let’s NOT do this anymore,” Mind will process & actualize the statement as “lets do this more.”

So, at a base level, clarifying involves clearing out the energy of our words & syntax usage, which creates a conscious & intentional construct of reality. In this manner, we are able to relay our communicated messages fully without any interference or static, which supports teamwork and collaboration.

For instance, if we aim to end violence, won’t speaking about violence create more energy supporting that construct in the World? It behooves us to consider declaring statements and words that create all the things we are intending to actualize: Peace, Love, Abundance, Equality, Joy, and Empowerment.

When we clarify our words & syntax, we're also raising the vibration of our mental energy towards the Truth and we energetically dissipate “veils on awareness” that block our clear expression of True Self. Clarity correlates to self-awareness and can be a gauge of consciousness, because the more clear one is, then the more they will be tapped into their core & True Self.

Let’s take a quick look at this point. Our subconscious fears of how the message will be received by others will shape our words communicated. If I’m afraid of you not liking me, it will shape my expression and make it unclear. By shifting our awareness to the words we are using, we will likewise cue in on what fears are fueling our “mental engine,” which we can then explore and embrace into accepted awareness.

Thus, we are actually raising our energetic vibration & expanding awareness through the focused effort required to clarify our words & reality construct.

When we pause and reflect, clarification serves as a reminder of how we can be clear and in control of our reality – now that I’ve clarified clarity for you, I invite you to go forth and use the Power of Clarification!

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