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Healing Burnout

The roots of Burnout stem from energetic trauma, which originates for most in early life

Have you heard about the ACE (adverse childhood experiences) scientific study by CDC (Center for Disease Control) & Kaiser? Over 17,000 people were researched over years and it was scientifically documented that not only are emotions and behavior negatively impacted for a person’s lifetime, health is, too -- significantly more heart disease, cancer, liver disease, even early death by 20 years occur based on the number of types of traumas a person has suffered in childhood

Because at a base level, we are energetic beings, these ACE's cause trauma to our energetic biofield, disrupting the natural flow of our coherence / flow energy states

By addressing only the surface-symptoms of Burnout, and leaving the core/foundational issues unaddressed, many relapse or cannot sustain transformations in their lives

Simply put, the energetic biofield isn't made whole and the energetic system simply relapses into its old way of functioning

The core or foundational issue of Burnout stems from early experiences in life that cause fragmentation or blockages in the energetic biofield

We have to begin restoring the energetic integrity of the biofield or ecosystem for optimal function & energy flow

For leaders, there is a need to go back to basics, restoring basic functionality to your biofield, truly solidifying the Foundation for Life to experience true fulfillment & sustainable transformations

Healing burnout begins by bringing wholeness and unifying all lost/fragmented energies so the person or ecosystem can function as a whole again

No leader or organization can build & prosper on a foundation of energetic imbalance, chronic dis-stress & trauma

Healing is the groundwork necessary for both new growth or transformative breakthru's that are sustainable

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